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Klob’s New Corporate Subscriptions

01/04/2022Nadine K

This year, Klob is updating our product and services to better suit the needs of our users, both jobseekers and employers. One of said changes includes an updated selection of subscription packages. We have heard your input and hope that these updates can improve your overall experience with us!

So which subscription package is the best one for your organisation?


The Basic subscription package is ideal for organisations and businesses that want to take their first steps in digitising their recruitment process. It comes with an Employer Branding page that can help you get started even with minimal knowledge on branding. Job vacancy pages are available to promote any and all vacancies. Additionally, you get access to an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that can be used to monitor your recruitment process. 


The Premium subscription package is useful to company’s that newly aware to the importance of Employer Branding. With more job vacancies, companies looking to recruit may also benefit from this package. In addition to more job vacancy pages, this package also allows fo custom application requirements. This will work as an additional screening phase at the beginning of the recruitment process. Furthermore, a monthly performance report monitor how the company is performing. 


The Business subscription package should be considered when thinking about mass recruitment. A combination of unlimited job vacancies and access to Klob’s full database, are effective tools of mass recruitment. With the addition of a more advanced ATS, this is the go to for companies focusing on recruitment. Lastly, this package also includes 2 webinar sessions and online content distribution for any Employer Branding needs.


The Enterprise subscription package contains all the previous packages features and more. This package also allows for add-ons and customisation depending on your company’s needs. The go to package for companies that who want more tailored solutions.

All our subscription packages come with monthly, quarterly, or yearly payment options. First time users will also receive an additional 1 month of FREE service at the start of your subscription period.

What are you waiting for? Subscribe and join the Klob today!

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