• Pekerja Generasi Muda: Karyawan Kutu Loncat

    12/08/2022 Nadine K

    Hi Klobbers! Beberapa generasi yang lalu para pekerja terbiasa dengan ide bekerja di satu perusahaan sepanjang karier. Banyak baby-boomer pensiun di tempat yang sama di mana mereka menerima gaji pertama. Oleh karena itu, sangat membingungkan bagi generasi tua mengapa anak muda seringkali melompat dari satu pekerjaan ke pekerjaan lain dalam sekejap mata. Mereka menyebut jenis…

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  • You Should Promote Your Event on Klob!

    29/07/2022 Nadine K

    Need help getting eyes on your event on website? Make use of Klob’s event banner to drum up more attention and awareness of your event. Reach young jobseekers all over Indonesia and get your brand out there! Join the Klob today for FREE to try out all our Employer Branding and Recruitment features. Check out…

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  • The Importance of Employer Branding

    26/07/2022 Nadine K

    Has your company established a strong employer brand? From saving resources, to hiring the best talents, here are some reasons why you should work on building your employer brand. Join the Klob today for FREE to try out all our Employer Branding and Recruitment features. Check out our variety of subscription packages that you can try out…

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  • ReKLOBment: Get to Know our Recruitment Services

    11/07/2022 Nadine K

    Recruitment is tricky business. You need to find the right talents who fit, not just the job description, but also your company culture. Reklobment is here to help with any and all of your recruitment concerns. Through our 5 recruitment services, we can come up with a solution perfectly catered to your needs. 1. MASS…

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  • ReKLOBment: Get to Know our E-Recruitment System

    08/07/2022 Nadine K

    Did you know that hiring the wrong person can be a costly mistake for an organisation? Likewise, finding the right match or fit is an effective way to increase business performance. Our talent acquisition approach proactively evaluates current trends to align your search with talent demands. Therefore, laying solid groundwork before initiating any headhunting or…

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  • Reklobment: For Your Recruitment Needs

    24/06/2022 Nadine K

    Make use of Reklobment! Mismatch between talents and organisational needs is the major concern in talent acquisition space. The right match or fit can help an organisation to drive their business performance effectively. Without the right match, hiring wrong person can be a costly mistake for an organisation. Our talent acquisition approach proactively evaluates current…

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  • Klob’s Platform Update: One-Step Registration

    20/05/2022 Nadine K

    Great News! Registering for a corporate account on Klob is easier than ever with our latest system upgrade. With just one form to fill, your company can gain access to Klob’s selection of Employer Branding and Recruitment solutions.  Simply enter in: Your first and last name The type of business Your email The brand name…

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  • Yuk Kenali 3 Tipe Psikotes yang Digunakan Rekruter

    19/04/2022 Nadine K

    Hi Klobbers! Pencari kerja pasti sudah tidak asing dengan seluruh tahap yang perlu dilewati saat menjalani proses rekrutmen. Mulai dari kirim CV, berbagai macam wawancara, dan tidak lupa juga melakukan beraneka tes. Tes-tes yang perlu dilewati selama proses rekrutmen tergantung keperluan perusahaan dan bisa berbentuk sebagai tes keterampilan, tes bahasa, dan banyak lainnya. Tetapi, tes…

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  • Klob’s New Corporate Subscriptions

    01/04/2022 Nadine K

    This year, Klob is updating our product and services to better suit the needs of our users, both jobseekers and employers. One of said changes includes an updated selection of subscription packages. We have heard your input and hope that these updates can improve your overall experience with us! So which subscription package is the…

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  • Executive Search

    Executive Search: Overcome Challenges to Find the Right Executive!

    30/10/2020 Karel

    Finding someone to fill in a more experienced position in your company is no easy task. You need a person with suitable qualifications who can lead the company to reach its full potential. And as you plumb deeper into this subject matter, you will find out that conventional recruitment processes are no longer sufficient to…

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