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The Future of Leaders of A New Planet

29/09/2022Daya Dimensi Indonesia

The Multiverse: The Future of Leaders of A New Planet within One’s Hands

As the pandemic begins to recede, we are also increasingly aware of the resulting impact on every part of our lives. Today, we have more touch points and ways to engage than ever before, just like living in a multiverse. As leaders, we ought not to be certain of the belief of yesteryear. Every corner of our overused strategy needs to be reviewed and redesigned. So, how do we keep up with the ever-changing landscape and break through the challenges? One of the foremost approaches involves technology and digital innovations to arm leaders in emerging regularity.

Daya Dimensi Indonesia and Daya Lima Recruitment is determined to spread the forcefulness of digital innovation, one of the more, by participating in Indonesia HR Summit (IHRS). After two years postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, IHRS in 2022 was back in the running on 28-29 June 2022 at the Bali International Convention Center. This annual human resources conference was attended by top executives and HR professionals in Indonesia and the ASEAN region, with 30 company participants and 900 attendees.

Daya Dimensi Indonesia and Daya Lima Recruitment carry the theme “The multiverse” for “Leaders of a New Planet.” The philosophy of the Multiverse is a hypothetical group of multiple universes. Together, these universes comprise everything that exists: the entirety of space, time, matter, energy, information, and the physical laws and constants that describe them. Our solutions, just like the concept of Multiverse, are the aggregate of all dimensions and parallel solutions but united in the same objective: Leaders of a New Planet. On the one hand, Leaders of a New Planet itself is our mission to generate leaders that could advance humanity through fresh ideas, forefront skills, and compassion for future generations.

We seek the normality of the Multiverse and what it means for leaders. Daya Dimensi Indonesia and Daya Lima Recruitment adopt the digital approach to adapt to leaders’ needs by providing a research-based human resource (HR) and leadership solution supported by technology in preparing us to become compassionate, innovative, and resilient leaders. At Indonesia HR Summit (IHRS) 2022, we took that opportunity to introduce some of our Multiverse solutions to the leaders. All the leaders need is only to scan the barcode we provide at the booth, and from there on, the leaders can fully experience the eight solutions (as we call them, “missions”) with one’s hand during the two days of events.

1. EnGauge

A one-stop platform to help the leaders navigate the testing and research needs

2. Learning Hub

A digital learning reinforcement platform that provides comprehensive and diverse reinforcement materials to support the learning and development program.

3. Klobility

A social initiative to build an inclusive Indonesia through sustainable social transformation.

4. Gamified Assessment

A collaboration between reliable behavioural-based assessment and digital simulation to hire and prepare future-ready leaders.

5. Reklobment

A tech-based, end-to-end recruitment solutions to help the leaders in finding the right talents

6. ASIC Quarterly

The latest scoop on the best leadership practices moving forward from the dreadful pandemic.

7. My Universe

A business networking companion to expand the connection with other professionals with similar circumstances.

8. Global Leadership Forecast

Biggest leadership research by Development Dimensions International.

Furthermore, to spread its wings even more in the mission to generate the Leaders of a New Planet, we also had the opportunity to share our perspectives and experiences about the modern workplace. As Maharani Syahratu Kertapati (Head of Applied Science and Imagination Center) as the speaker, we carry the topic of “Agility: Working Beyond the Cubicles” which discusses how the turbulence world demands the organization to be agile with the hastened change. (RAK)

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