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Klob Platform Updates: Verified Badges and SEO

15/04/2022Nadine K

Dear Klob Partners and Subscribers,

In our drive for continuous improvement, Klob has released several platform updates this week to enhance the overall user experience on our website. These updates aim to ease navigation towards and within the site that can lead to higher engagement. Among all the changes made, this week’s releases include:

1. Verified Company Badges

In line with our streamlined subscription process, building a company page on Klob is easier than ever. Verify your page by uploading your NIB and NPWP and receive a verified badge on our platform. This badge will instil confidence in your company for jobseekers looking for vacancies. 

2. Google Compatibility

Klob’s content is now more Google compatible! This means that Klob’s content will be featured more prominently through Google searches, among other things. Of course, this content includes your company and job vacancy pages. To increase this search-ability even more, make sure to include as much data as possible into your pages. These include things from Locations to Base Salaries. The more information you add into your posts, the more engagement you will receive from potential candidates. Complete your company profiles today to start reaping the benefits!

3. Search Engine Optimisation

Klob continues to upload content and system enhancements that will increase our standings on various search engines. We aim to get our links ever higher on search engine result pages to funnel in more traffic onto the platform. The higher our results, the more traffic to our website, and the more candidates applying to your job vacancies!

Thank you for your continuous trust in our platform! We appreciate your support and your input. Know that we take your feedback very seriously and will make an effort to incorporate them into our updates. Stay tuned to watch Klob evolve into becoming the go to career site for employers and job seekers.

For those of you not yet a part of our journey, come join the Klob today!

Warm Regards from the Klob Team!


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