• Why You Should Use an Applicant Tracking System

    19/12/2022 Nadine K

    Is your company using an ATS? An Applicant Tracking System is a power tool for recruiters that can help streamline your recruitment process. Here are just some of the advantages to using an ATS! Start your elevated digital recruitment journey today. Join the Klob with a FREE TRIAL of one of our  Subscription Packages today! Warm…

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  • Through The Looking Glass: Talent Acquisition

    28/06/2022 Daya Dimensi Indonesia

    Through The Looking Glass: Talent Acquisition’s State of Play The pandemic of COVID-19 still has its repercussions in today’s HR, as talent acquisition might face one of its toughest challenges yet. As the pandemic washed over the world, companies and employees were faced with layoffs, turnover, rapid movement towards remote working, and topped it off…

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