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Employer Branding and Engaging Talents

16/05/2022Nadine K

Did you know that 62% of senior HR staff in Indonesia agree that employee engagement levels will drop after the Eid break?

Even in pre-pandemic times, patterns have shown that almost 10% of Indonesian workers choose to resign from their position after Eid Break. It is such standard practice that many employers have prepared themselves for this “mass resignation”.



Their decision to leave their position can be one or a combination of several factors. These include: 

  1. They have decided to move back home
  2. They are seeking out new challenges and opportunities elsewhere
  3. More job vacancies have opened
  4. they were already planning to but just timed it to receive their holiday bonus

However, what all these reasons boil down to is that they are no longer satisfied with their current job. 

The role of a great Human Resources team is to ensure that the right people are hired for the right roles, this includes ensuring these people, once onboard, stay satisfied with their position. To do this, it is imperative that you are able to keep talents engaged throughout the work process. This includes from the time they are candidates up until the time they leave.

One way to keep your talents engaged to ensure a more satisfied team that will both be more productive and loyal to the company is through improving your Employer Branding. Employer Branding refers to the way that employees and potential clients view your company. In some ways, it is your reputation as an employer and it can work for or against your recruitment depending on whether it is good or bad. Good employer branding will take up most of the work of attracting new talents organically, significantly cutting down job advertising costs. Additionally, a good employer brand should be able to attract talents who are best suited to your company’s culture, acting as an early screening method. 

It is more important than ever, in times of mass resignations, to have a strong employer brand. Here are some ways you can improve your company’s employer brand:

Be Active and Update Your Social Media

70% of young people have stated that they found their current jobs through social media. Social media is also the easiest way to communicate directly to potential candidates. As it is not limited by geography, a strong social media presence can reach far and wide to find those candidates who are just perfect for your team. 

Modernise Your HR Processes

Since the pandemic, we’ve seen a shift in business processes throughout the board, including HR. It has been a long time coming with technology ever evolving and it is important for all employers to keep up. The current and upcoming generation of talents are mostly made up of digital natives who expect as much from their employers. As such, their first touchpoint into your company, the recruitment team, can set a precedent on how they view your company. Digitizing your HR processes has other benefits as well aside from looking digital savvy. Machine learning and algorithms, alongside online interviews and testing, can expedite the whole recruitment process. 

Involve Your Employees in Marketing Your Brand

Who better to speak for the company than the people who experience it daily themselves? It’s safe to say that most people are more receptive to the words of a person rather than that of a company or brand. Stories from employees are viewed as more candid, vulnerable, and overall more believable than that of the curated image crafted by a branding team. Having current and graduated employees as spokespeople for your company will do wonders for attracting new talents. 

Craft an Engaging Story

People are drawn to stories and storytelling more so than they are to facts and figures. Creating a story for your company can make advertising it more palatable to the talent pool. Stories help move talents while also displaying company values and culture in an engaging way. 

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