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Klob Platform Updates: New Features and SEO

08/04/2022Nadine K

Dear Klob Partners and Subscribers,

At the start of April, Klob has come out with several platform enhancements and new features to better aid in our continuous journey to bridge the gap between employers and talents. These updates are done with Search Engine Optimisation and Content Enrichment in mind to increase traffic and engagement with our platform as well as all the pages within it. That being said, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce the changes made.

These new features aim to help jobseekers to better grasp and understand their finances and pay:

You can try out both the Salary Statistics as well as the Income Tax Calculator in these links provided. 

Other updates we have made include changes in our URLs to the corporate EVPs and job vacancy pages. Below are examples of the changes that have been made.

These latest updates work to increase Klob’s SEO standing and searchability within Google search engines. They will benefit companies on Klob by increasing traffic flow and engagement to corporate EVP and Job Vacancy pages that will results in added ease for sourcing.

Along with our newly released updates subscription packages, we hope that our continuous efforts to better our platform can be felt and enjoyed immediately by all our clients and partners. Klob strives to become the go to digital solution for all your Employer Branding and Recruitment needs. More updates and improvements are coming soon, stay tuned.


Warm Regards from the Klob Team!

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