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How to #LevelUp Your Employer Brand with Klob’s Products

31/08/2020Karel Adiwardoyo

The job market has become incredibly competitive in recent times. A powerful employment brand is crucial in order to uphold any company’s reputation, including yours. It is the initial point of contact through which candidates will recognize your company as an employer. And in fact,  94%of job seekers would consider looking at the employer brand before applying for a job. Your employer brand becomes part of their decision-making process — it determines whether they even apply for a position at your company, let alone accept one if they are deemed suitable. There is no time like the time to reflect on what you’ve done so far to create and develop your employer brand and further improve on the way you communicate.

How do you present your company’s culture and values to future employees? Do you have an in-depth understanding of who you are and what your current employees are capable of? What can you do to expand your talent pool and build on the dynamic that already exists amongst your current employees? How do you implement a successful active recruitment strategy? These are some of the questions that could determine your employer brand directly and indirectly. The long term impact of your employer brand is not only felt by those externally, who wonder what working at your company is like, but by your team whose performance you’re paying attention to in order to meet your company objectives.

Whether you’re in the process of amplifying your employer branding or simply testing the waters to find an employer brand that effectively communicates who you are and what you do, Klob provides a number of options to best suit your needs. Our purpose of creating a customisable sourcing journey is here to empower you to #levelup your employer brand:

Source Efficiently with our Subscription

With a 3-month or even an annual subscription, you receive a customisable Employer Branding page to showcase your company’s values and culture to future applicants. By doing this, you will attract applicants who have interests that are in line with these company values. Elsewhere on the platform, you are also able to filter your applicants based on their professional and psychometric data. Additionally, you can implement an active recruiting strategy by messaging your applicants directly to let them know they’ve been selected or message talents to invite them to apply! It’s made simple and direct, for your ease of use.

Discover your Candidate’s or Team Further with Additional Testing

Moreover, your employer branding strategy includes deciding and fulfilling recruitment goals. To reach such goals, you can screen applicants to match your company’s objective and muster the most qualified talents. By purchasing our test reports, you will be able to screen your existing and potential talents with additional and more comprehensive testing. By partnering with Growth Center we are able to provide more than our basic psychometric tests — we also offer tests that describe a candidate’s or team’s mindset, humility, creativity style, meaning-making abilities, curiosity, and grit. This will enhance your employer brand by making sure that you are hiring the right people in the right position.

Leave the fuss to us with Talent Scout 

Be at ease in finding the best talent by utilizing our talent scout service. Inform us of positions that you need filled and we will use Klob’s technology to provide talents that best fit the position criteria from our database. We understand that HR professionals are responsible for much more than just looking for new talents and that the end-to-end recruitment process all the way to onboarding a new team member can take away from those other responsibilities. Let Klob be involved in this process to take the load off. Besides, studies suggest that algorithms can predict the success of hires. So, make your recruitment process simple and effective using our Talent Scout services.

Attract future talents with a stellar display of your company’s culture and value. Engage them with psychometric tools to measure their capacity to succeed in your company. These are some of the things that you can do to improve upon your employer branding. To learn more, you can visit our website and sign up to get a free trial on some of our products!

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