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What Does the Next Generation of Employees Need from Work?

18/08/2020Karel Adiwardoyo

The talent search will always involve looking for potential recruits in an ever-evolving pool of talents. Hiring a new recruit is an easier task when there aren’t any gaps across values and priorities between generations. However, changes are inevitable with time, and there will always be a new cohort of recruits that will occupy the working environment. Their needs might seem to go beyond what conventionally used to be enough to get talents on board with your company. Hence, it becomes more important than ever to understand their needs as it could serve as an important step in preparing for the future. To some, it might feel like swallowing a bitter pill. But what if understanding the new generations of employees and adapting accordingly opens up the possibilities for your company to grow? Would you want to miss that chance?

This week’s blog post features a brief rundown of Gen Y and Gen Z talents, who are increasingly applying for positions in today’s job market.

Gen Y

Gen Y, also known as Millennials, has entered the workforce and remains the fastest growing group at the moment. They are known to be tech-savvy because most of them grew up with technology. Their proficiency in using technology helps them to be more effective at work. In a fast-paced working environment, they are motivated by meaning. They are willing to work hard in exchange for clear boundaries that separate their work and life. For this reason, they value work-life balance.

Gen Z

As the youngest generation of workers, Gen Z are excited to contribute to the real world as well as to make a real impact in society. Just like Gen Y, technology has become an integral part of their lives, and thus this cohort is equipped to regularly use technology to their advantage. Gen Z individuals value independence and prefer to customize their own career plan. An entrepreneurial career choice might suit some more naturally as an increasing variation of opportunity emerges.

There are several priorities that appeal to the new generation of employees. The New York Times claims that work-life balance is considered to be an important aspect for the young generation of workers. According to a study on a new generation of workers by PwC, many Millennial employees believe that excessive work demands are worth the sacrifices to their personal life.

With these young talents, attracting the ones that fulfill both the job description and exhibit the values of your company can be tricky. Your employer branding is involved because it determines the talent pool that gains interest in and applies to your company. Sourcing these talents directly can even become a vital part of your strategy to pick out the young talents that stand out to you and your company.

Below is an infographic to find out more about the next generation of professionals.

Infographic on the next generation of professionals


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